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#1 Golfer Sidelined Over Positive COVID Test

#1 Golfer Sidelined Over Positive COVID Test



South Korea Goes all In for Masks

Chinese COVID vaccine tests are not taking into consideration the same safety precautions of most of the rest of the medical and scientific community.

It’s a murky story.  The South Dakota Attorney General hit “something” on the road in the middle of the night  and then left the scene.  He thought it was a deer but it turned out to be a person.

In a win for the Trump administration, the Supreme Court ruled that an end to early census was and is allowed.



South Korea implemented a mask mandate on Tuesday, requiring face coverings on public transport and in high-risk locations such as hospitals and long-term care facilities in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Photo by Thomas Maresca/UPI

South Korea Goes Full Mask Mandate


Morganucodon (left) and Kuehneotherium (right) hunting in Early Jurassic Wales 200 million years ago.

Earlier Mammals Chilled Out and Lived Longer

Dustin Johnson hasn't played since he finished in a tie for sixth at the U.S. Open last month. File Photo by Corey Sipkin/UPI

The Number 1 Ranked Golfer is Out of the CJ Cup After a Positive COVID Test

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